This Is What Happened When You Hurt Me, So Deal with It!!

1. I will not remind you about your mistake. Never. You should remember what you’ve said or done. That’s why the proverb said: “Think before you act.” Because when you think after, then 90% you are messing around.

2. When you come up to me & asking about why I don’t talk to you anymore, I will answer it straight to your face what have you said or done & how it hurts me.

3. When you are asking for forgiveness; I will answer ‘Yes’ when I am ready to forgive; and I will answer ‘No, just leave.’ when I am not ready to do so. For me, to forgive means to let go & not talk about it anymore in our future relationship. So I will never say ‘Yes’ when it still hurts only for the sake of the wise words “If God forgive, so why can’t we?” I am human being with the ability to get hurt & once again, I will forgive when I am ready to forgive.

4. I need time & space to heal. So when I don’t wanna talk to you, it means I don’t wanna talk to you. So, deal with it!!