Me – Confessing – You

Please do not think it’s a foolish game/Don’t even think of me rushing in/It’s real/It’s happening/It’s about what I feel/It’s about missing you/It’s about adoring you/It’s about caring you/It’s about saying “I wanna know you better“/And all about it/And all above it/

Have you notice?/Notice me watching over you/Notice me craving for a ‘you & me’ conversation/Notice me missing you so bad/Really bad/


8 Responses to Me – Confessing – You

  1. mawi wijna says:

    mbak saya nggak mudeng, saya laper mbaak, posting tentang makanan gitu kek

  2. essajiwa says:

    No comment..

    Vinnaaa jadi gw yang gregetan…huahahahahaha…

  3. omiyan says:

    (clingak clinguk)

    hhmm baru rasanya mampir kesini

  4. Gandi Wibowo says:

    udah gak mau being single lagi dav?

  5. Gandi Wibowo says:

    Wakakakakaka sekarang pake moderasi Komentar ya :))

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