He never show up again in my life. All the hurt and pain are gone. Well, sometimes I feel like miss him though and I feel today is better than the rest of 24 years ago. No more feel depressed and the most important thing is there will be no more tears.

I admit it, that I never really know him. Maybe never really want to know him. Not also by the means of understanding him. I never want to let myself understands him and why he would do such things to his closest ones. Maybe I am too afraid to bear the pain or just afraid to release my hatred and simply loving him.

I am so sorry. I am really sorry for being a coward. And I am so sorry for all my pretendings these past years. I never realize that understanding you is so easy. Understanding you is understanding my own self.  

5 Responses to You/Me

  1. wijna says:

    aaaah? I think you miss something. Like the words “I Love U (once)” in the end of this article? Hehehehe…just a silly suggestion!

  2. Vinna says:

    hehe.. iya ya, bner jg.. jd lebih dramatis.. 😀

  3. Gandi Wibowo says:

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