another love to confess..


lets talk about love for couple of minutes. a friend of mine just ask this simple question, “why do we often love the wrong person?” *friend, what a tough question u got there* my answer don’t come out that fast, not because I do not know the answer but because the answer is based on how u see things. i’ve been there, loving the wrong person for period of time & just be blinded for no reason but the love itself. sometimes, u even don’t know if it is love or just a madness. somewhere, somehow, u meet someone who got what it takes, even beyond ur wildest dream, that someone is truly just like a manifestation of ur dream & they’re standing in front of u, and oftenly u called it love. it might be love, but forward then, mostly u found that it’s just madness. so don’t blame love because it pointed to the wrong person, but sometimes, we just misjudge our feelings. loving the wrong person will put urself in a mirror, it needed to see whether u deserved to be loved and whether they’re deserved to be loved by u or not. so friend, it is fine to finally realized that u’ve been loving the wrong ones, I’ve been there too…


4 Responses to another love to confess..

  1. Gandi Wibowo says:

    Gw jadi inget tulisan Gw dav… “Cinta itu gak buta, tapi kita yang terkadang buta akan arti cinta.”

  2. Vinna says:


  3. suka ma tulisanny..izin copas ya

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